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A business succeeds on its intelligence and ideas.

Who We Are

We’re a new Canadian company providing a unique and exciting product using artificial intelligence. We get you more relevant news and articles than any other software in the world.

We are far more than news gathering software. We eliminate the 99.99% of useless articles so you can focus on the useful information relevant to your company.

Unlike most software, our software is customized for you. This makes it impossible for mass produced software to compete with us.

We’re proud of our product and would enjoy seeing how we can fill your needs.

Contact us

Send an email to: Our friendly team will contact you within 24 hours.

Our Goal

To provide companies with customized software that helps them find opportunities and foresee the future.

Make great decisions

Make Better Decisions

Every day thousands of decisions are made. Many are minor, some are important, and a few are crucial.
Having the best possible information in the hands of your people gives your business the best chance of being on top.

Great ideas

Generate Great Ideas and Find Solutions

It’s rare for someone to have a completely new idea. Most ideas are sparked by what someone else is already doing or a mixture of other ideas. The information we provide will give your people a pool to draw from so that they have an advantage when it comes to generating ideas or solving problems.

Avoid costly mistakes

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Warren Buffet said “It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from others’ mistakes.” Our resources give your people an opportunity to learn and benefit from others’ mistakes. A simple search or accumulation of knowledge could help your organization avoid many kinds of costly mistakes.

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